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Breaking Ankles

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What makes the crossover so appealing to the basketball world? Who has the best crossover ever and how can it be used in your game? Not only is it entertaining to watch, but also the majority of the successful guards in the NBA have mastered this impressive and useful move. This quick left to right or right to left motion can leave your defender stuck on the court allowing space for a jumpshot or drive for a layup.

Players such as Allen Iverson and Tim Hardaway were able to perfect their crossover dribble and make it famous by using it against the greatest players in the world.  Some players say they cannot duplicate moves such as the ones mastered by these players and that is completely fine. Players need to do what is comfortable for them. For example, Tim Hardaway began trying to do the in and out before the cross then realized that the between the legs came more natural to him. With that being said, it is easy to see that there is a variety of ways to do the crossover.

One current player that has a very lethal crossover is Stephen Curry.  What makes his move so hard to guard is the fact that he is ready to shoot at any moment if there is too much separation. Because of this, defenders are often left frozen or off balance because they are worried about contesting the pull up jumper. This shows that the crossover can become even more dangerous by improving other parts of your game. If you are able to change speed and direction quickly, the crossover can take your game to another level when used correctly.

Check out the view of the crossover from some greats below.

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