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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: 2 Game

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During games, sometimes you may need an effective set that the other team hasn't scouted in order to score some points or get an easy look. "2 Game" is a great play that is simple to learn and can be used out of a timeout. This play is great to use against aggressive teams that are pressuring hard and denying all of the passing lanes because they can give up a layup if they guess wrong. Also, your players know that if they are willing to cut hard they will each get an opportunity to score.

Play begins in a stack formation on the blocks with all players popping out to the free throw line and free throw line extended. P1 passes to P4 while P2 and P3 cut backdoor looking to for an easy layup. If not there, P4 throws the skip pass to P1 running off of a flare screen to the opposite wing. P4 and P5 then turn and set a double screen to free P3 for a shot at the top of the key. If all options were well covered, P4 and P5 dive to the blocks for a post touch.

A.J. Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

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