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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: Clippers

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Doc Rivers has said to the media that he is putting an end to "lob city" and he is showing it with the controlled offense that he has the clippers running. Instead of setting ball screens 24 seconds for Chris Paul, LA now has added a number of scoring options to their offense. To better the movement and take some pressure off of Paul, Rivers has designed a way for CP3 to play off of the ball for part of the possession while still playing to his strength of making reads off of ball screens.

In the play above, P1 passes to P3 and cuts to the opposite block. When P3 passes to P5 he finishes the staggered screen for P1 curling back. P5 then passes to P1 for a shot but if not open P5 goes straight into the dribble handoff before receiving a back screen from P4. P1 now has the option to throw a bounce or lob pass to P5, hit P2 spotted up for a jumpshot, or P3 trailing for a jumpshot.

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