Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Elite Hoops Playset: UNI

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People always wonder how teams like Northern Iowa, Butler, Utah, and Wichita St are able to compete and be so successful against high level competition. After watching this set by Northern Iowa in the tournament, it is easy to see why. This play may be simple but it makes defenders rotate in a way they are not used to rotating or ever practicing. Because of this, easy points are gained throughout the game and these teams are hard to guard.

This play begins in a high 1-4 set with P1 feeding the high post. P2 then backdoor cuts while P1 replaces. While P2 back doors, P5 sets a flare screen to free P2 and P3 flashes to the top of the key. The ball is then skipped to P2 for an open shot or a dump down pass to P5.

Coach A.J. Holland
Elite Hoops Basketball

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