Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Elite Hoops Playset: Clippers

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Even though the Clippers run ball screens with Chris Paul 90% and continue to let us down in crunch time, every now and then they draw up a set that is not all that bad. Many of the plays that are designed for this team cannot be run by many others because they do not have Blake Griffin, who can dunk off of one step from the free throw line, and Deandre Jordan, who can catch a lob at the top of the square off vert. Athleticism like this gives the Clippers the ability to be creative with how they attack the rim.

This play starts with the zipper cut by P1. P3 then sprints to the corner while P4 and P5 run to set a ball screen. P1 dribbles off of P5 for a pick and roll. If lob is not there, ball is reversed to P2 for another pick and roll action from the wing while P1 and P3 spot up on the weak side.

A.J. Holland
Elite Hoops Trainer

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