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Elite Hoops Playset: UCONN

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It's pretty safe to say that UConn's Women's basketball program is the most dominant and consistent team in the nation year in and year out. They have a very strong level of talent at all positions of the floor allowing them to run a wide variety of plays to get players the ball in many different places. "Chin" is one of the plays that was used in the national championship game to help UConn defeat Notre Dame.

"Chin" starts with P1 passing the ball to P2 and sprinting off of a UCLA cut. P2 then passes to P5 popping to the top then sets a downscreen for P1 on the block. P5 passes the ball back to P1 on the wing then follows with a ball screen. When P1 dribbles off of the ball screen P5 runs off of a backscreen set by P2 and rolls to the basket.

Elite Hoops Basketball
Coach A.J. Krzyzewski-Holland

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