Friday, April 17, 2015

Elite Hoops Playset: Spurs

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The San Antonio Spurs are arguably the best team in the NBA every year. This is not because of talent, youth, or athleticism but more because of the unselfish, heart, and determination. They are hands down the best passing team in the game and they do not let egos keep them from reaching success. Below is a unique play designed by the Spurs that has been used during the past couple of weeks.

This play starts in a high 1-4 set with P1 dribbling to the wing and P3 running the zipper cut action while P4 and P2 drop to the baseline. P1 then passes the ball to P2. At this moment P3 drives hard right while P1 and P2 both come off of backscreens. If nothing has opened up a staggered screen is set for P1 running the baseline.

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Coach A.J. Holland

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