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2017 NIKE Basketball Camp Central Gwinnett Championship Friday

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This week we were at Central Gwinnett NIKE Coed Basketball Camp for the first time ever, and we could not have had more fun! Central Gwinnett happens to be the high school that Coach Jazz attended and she was ecstatic to be at her alma mater this week. GO KNIGHTS! The campers at Central were a joy to have and this camp exceeded expectations. It was a  FANTASTIC week, we could not have asked for a better group of players, both on and off the court. The campers this week had GREAT energy on and off the court. By the end of camp this week, everyone knew everyone it felt almost like we were a family at Central. It was truly breathtaking to witness not only the talent of the group, but also the integrity and sportsmanship they displayed. Our fabulous coaching staff enjoyed working with each of the campers, helping them get 1% better each day! See you next summer, Central Gwinnett!

Every exciting moment this week at the Central NIKE Coed Basketball Camp led up to Championship Friday, which was nothing short of thrilling. This day is treasured by both staffers and campers, and everyone filed into the gym with an extra pep in his step that morning. Excitement written all over the players faces, and the energy in the gym was almost tangible. We started off the day with Living By Numbers. Next we quickly jumped into our individual skills stations for a quick review. Each day the campers rotated between 3 different skill stations. Individual skills, 3on3, and classroom session helps teach all aspect of the game to the campers.

Now its championship time! The first championship round was 5on5 games. The NBA, College, and High school division championships were balanced throughout the week. Next was our Living By Numbers Championships. With so many returning campers, there was a lot of anticipation of who will be selected. The Living by Numbers(LBN) program online has been extremely beneficial to the campers. Lastly, the crowd favorite was 3on3 Cut Throat Championship. All week the campers have been earning points and learning different ways to be successful with their teams. Coaches, players, and parents enjoyed the intensity during the 3on3 games.

Championship Friday ended with our NIKE Awards Ceremony. All the campers received  camp T- shirts,workbooks, player evaluations, and various prizes. Below is the list of LBN winners and the photos of the individual winners.We are sad camp ended today :( , but we are more excited about the improvement of all campers. We can't wait to return to Central Gwinnett next year!

Living By Numbers Division Champions

Switch Cone Slide

HS: Damien Bookal
COL: Mariah Roger
NBA: Darrian Joseph

Figure 8

HS: Harrison Carr
COL:  Maniah Edwards
NBA: Jamaal Legget

Cone Layups

HS: Damien Bookal
COL: Ava Keddy
NBA: Chase

Hot Shot

HS: Aiden Wysko
COL: Jorhdyn William
NBA: Zee

Individual Awards

High School:

Coach's Award: Vanessa Long

Hustle Award: Aidan Wysko

Most Improved Award:  Jaxon Freeman


Coach's Award: Ava Keddy


MVP Award: Maniah Edwards


Hustle Award: Kenneth Jackson (KJ)

Coach's Award:  Zee

MVP Award: Chase

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