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2017 NIKE Boys Basketball Camp at Greater Atlanta Christian School 7/24

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This week, we wrapped up another awesome week of NIKE Basketball Camp at Greater Atlanta Christian School and closed out our weeks there for the summer! These campers brought their "A" game every day and showed hustle, tenacity, and discipline throughout the entire week. The coaches were in awe of their talents and attitudes, making it a successful and memorable week!

After four tough yet fun days of lots of skill work, Championship Friday approached and the players were excited to show off their new talents. Their excitement to begin the day started the second they walked in and got their NIKE Camp t-shirt. The gym was filled with energy and everyone was eager to begin. But before beginning fully live play, campers got to go through stations one more time to practice. They went through individual skills, 3on3, and classroom sessions.

After the quick review, it was time for our 5on5 championships and we determined the champions for each division. In between rounds, we held the Living by Numbers Championships for four different drills and crowned our winners. Then came the camp favorite 3on3 Cut Throat Championships which created a huge wave of energy and excitement in the gym. Watching the high level play was impressive for a week's work.

To wrap up Championship Friday, we held the NIKE Awards Ceremony. Every player received a camp t-shirt, workbooks, player evaluations, and other prizes. Below is a list of Living by Numbers winners and individual award winners. Thank you for having us again GAC and we enjoyed every minute of this week!

Living by Numbers Winners
Switch Cone Slides
HS: Kai Strother
COL: Sufyan Cummings
NBA: Chris Spears

Figure 8
HS: Cooper Lo
COL: Jamar Griffin
NBA: Chris Spears

Cone Layups
HS: Cooper Lo
COL: Isaac Malcom
NBA: Bryce Freeman

Hot Shot
HS: Brennan Owens
COL: Charlie Foster
NBA: Wade Pierce

Individual Awards
Coaches Award
HS: Mason Striggles

COL: Sufyan Cummings

NBA: Jamaal Leggett

Hustle Award
COL: Jahike Redding

NBA: Sam Nicholas

MVP Award
HS: Vinh Nguyen

COL: Henry Dowdell

NBA: Jarius Griffin
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