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2017 NIKE Boys Basketball Camp at Smyrna Community Center

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This week of NIKE Basketball Camps at Smyrna Community Center was an exciting one! The campers this week truly displayed champion attitudes to complement the immense talent on the hardwood, and had a blast bonding with their teammates and coaches. 

Throughout this week, the NIKE Basketball Camp at Smyrna Community Center had exciting and celebrated moments that all led up to a exhilarating Championship Friday for staff and campers. That morning, the campers filed into the gym with an extra bounce in their step. Everyone's eyes reflected with eagerness and excitement for the fun activities ahead. The first item on the agenda was the Living By Numbers competitions followed by a quick review in individual skills stations. Each day the campers rotated between 3 different skill stations. Individual skills, 3on3, and a classroom session to help teach all parts of the game to the campers, developing multi-faceted and knowledgeable players. 

The first championship round was the 5on5 games. The NBA, College and High School division championships were balanced throughout the week. Next was our Living By the Numbers Championships. With many returning campers, there was a lot of anticipation of who will be selected to compete. The Living By the Numbers program online has been exceedingly beneficial to most of the campers. Lastly, the crowd favorite was 3on3 Cut Throat Championship. All week the campers have been earning points and learning different ways to be successful with teams. Coaches, players, and parents enjoyed the intensity during the 3on3 games.

Championship Friday ended with our NIKE Awards Ceremony. All the campers received camp T-shirts, workboorks, player evaluations, and various fun prizes. Below is the list of LBN winners and the photos of the individual winners. Thanks for a great week at Smyrna Community Center!

Living By the Numbers Division Champions

Switch Cone Slides

HS: Mason McMillan
College: Kevin Golston
NBA: Jacob Smith

Figure 8

HS: JB Clark
College: Cade Costanzo
NBA: Jacob Barnes

Cone Layups

HS: Toryn Wilkins and Caleb Patterson
College: Kyle Brown
NBA: Jelani Harmon

Hot Shot

HS: Caleb Patterson
College: Grant Andrews
NBA: Dylan Sloss

Individual Awards


Brielen Craft


Mason McMillan

Move up award -

Jacobi Harmon (HS to College) & Nayshawn Brown (College to NBA)

Coaches -

Isaiah Webb

Coaches -

AJ Lillig


Dylan Sloss

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