Sunday, September 27, 2009

Choosing the Right Program

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Far too often, student-athletes favor or choose programs based on the level (e.g., mid-major over low-major or DI over DII) without devoting adequate time/consideration to "fit." Your primary concern should be with the academic situation and opportunities provided by the colleges and/or universities you are considering. When narrowing down your options based on athletic criteria, however, please consider the following: Play at the level you can achieve the highest level of success not necessarily at the highest level you can attain a scholarship.

As the head coach of the Belmont Abbey College men's basketball program, I am often asked to speak to prospective student-athletes about the recruiting process, eligibility, etc. When doing so, I often mention that nearly every year at least one student-athlete transfers from the best programs in the country. Why? More often than not, the answer is – a lack of PT, tick, burn, etc. If you aren’t contributing on the floor, it can be difficult to feel that you are truly an integral part of a program.

A bit of unsolicited advice for those of you currently fortunate enough to be experiencing the recruiting process (as trying at times as it may be): Reward the program that recruits you the hardest; commit to the program that wants you the most; and play at the level at which YOU will have the most success (trust me - it’s a lot more fun to compete in a meaningful way for conference and national championships than it is to watch others do so).

Steve Miss, Head Coach-Belmont Abbey College

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