Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Juggling engineering and basketball Cont'

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My busy schedule has continued. School is even more hectic than when it first started. Last week there was a job fair at Purdue University for engineers. They were offering internships and full time positions. I applied to many different companies such as BP, Exxon, Shell, Firestone, Michelin, Coca-Cola, Kraft, Colgate, John Deere, American Airlines, etc. It was a major job fair with over 150 companies, many of them fortune 500. The fair was on Tuesday and Wednesday so I had to miss a lot of classes. This set me back in my classes and I'm still trying to catch up. One thing good did come out of missing my classes though. I landed an interview with Coca-Cola. The interview was on Wednesday at 11. It went well, but I wont know if I got the internship until around November. If I do get it, I'll either be in Atlanta or Louisville.

Because of everything thats been going on with the job fair, school, and basketball, I still have not had much time to do my non-profit. My website is down due to technical difficulties so I'm trying to get that when I can. I STILL have to weigh more books to send to Africa. I need to start planning for my upcoming food drive for Thanksgiving. Last but not least, I have to start planning for my fundraiser next year.
Basketball is still the same. Weights 4 times a week, Individual workout with coach twice a week, Team workout once a week, and open gym twice a week. It hasn't been too hectic with basketball just yet, but it will be picking up very soon.

-Avery Jukes, Forward-Butler University Basketball

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