Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pre-Season Life of College Players

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Prior to arriving on campus rather than after, all potential student-athletes need to be made aware of the time commitment required of participants in college athletics. As of this week, the Belmont Abbey College Men's Basketball Program is full-go as far as our academic workload and pre-season workouts are concerned. Just so you know, the NCAA only allows for 8 hours of organized athletics activities and requires a minimum of two off days when "out of season." So what does a typical week prior to October 15th entail for our student-athletes? In addition to a course load of a minimum of 15 hours (and realize that your professors expect you to devote 3 hours of study outside the classroom for every hour you spend in class), each member of our program is required to attend an academic meeting with the coaching staff and 4 study hall sessions per week. As for our workouts, each student-athlete will participate in 2 hours of individual workouts, 3 hours in the weight room, and 3 hours of conditioning. In addition, all Belmont Abbey College students are required to perform at least 10 hours of community service per semester (our student-athletes mentor at North Belmont Elementary School). Have we even mentioned devoting adequate time to proper nutrition and sufficient sleep so that your body can replenish itself? Oh--and what about your social life? Start to add it all up and you will begin to understand the commitment and discipline it takes to be a member of the Belmont Abbey College Men's Basketball Program.

-Stephen Miss, Head Coach Belmont Abbey College

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