Monday, October 29, 2012

ELITE 21 Day Challenge

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Starting on Monday, October 29, five of Elite Hoops trainees and three of Elite Hoops coaches will begin the ELITE 21 Day Challenge.  We chose players based upon their effort during our training sessions and their commitment to getting better on the court and in the classroom.

Contestants include: Drew Dunham (Junior) of Johnson High School, Grant Bryant and Jarvis Jones of Kell High School, CiCi Buford (Senior) of Greater Atlanta Christian, DJ Bostic (Junior)and Nick Wilkerson (Junior) of Marietta High School and Turner Barckhoff (7th) of Crabapple Middle School, Michelle Manfredi of Elite Hoops, Brandon Chappell of Elite Hoops and Lee Miller of Elite Hoops.

Dates: Monday October 29-Sunday November 18

-31 Minutes of Skill Development 6x/wk
-Eating Only From Our Nutrition Guid
-Studying Game Film 2hrs/wk
-Send Full Detailed Daily Schedule to Elite Hoops
-Weekend Curfew of 11:30p

-Cell Phone Use (Except for Contact with Parents, Coaches, Elite Hoops or in Emergency)
-Social Media
-Email (Except for Contact with Parents, Teacher, Coaches or Elite Hoops)
-Internet Access (Except for Schoolwork)
-Fast Food
-TV (Except for Studying Basketball)

All contestants who follow all of the ELITE 21 Day Challenge's rules and regulations will receive a dinner at a restaurant of their choice with the Elite Hoops staff.

To follow our contestants as they compete, visit or click on their name above as their information becomes available.

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