Monday, October 29, 2012

Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: SWING

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A great team is defined by many different ways such as; pregame preparation, conditioning and fitness program, practice regiment, etc. Offensive and defensive play sets for a team should be versatile with endless possibilities. Today’s play set will help your team with adding versatility. Early offensive or quick hitters are very important to an offense. Scoring the basketball quickly before the defense can set up will improve the speed and balance of the game.

Swing is the name of this transition play. Player 1 has the basketball in the back-court while players 2, 3 and 5 sprint down the court. Player 2 and 3 run to the each corner to extend the defensive match-ups  and player 5 begins to post up on the block. Player 4 will trail the play. Now, player 1 will advance the ball to player 2 (or 3). Player 2 has the ball for 1 of 3 options; shoot if open, pass to player 5 on the post, or wait for backside action. Player 1 and 4 will set a staggered screen for player 3 to come off for a shot or attack. If that option is not there for player 3, the ball will be reserved to player 1.  Player 4 has the option to post up or set a ball screen on the backside.

This Swing play is also good for teams with similar players or players that can play multiple positions.

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