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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: AMERICA'S PLAY

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The game of basketball is played with rhythm, passion, and high energy. A team must put together a steady systematic flow to be successful on the court. Plays connect the players, coaches, and trainers effectively to execute a game plan. There are numerous plays and styles of play in basketball, but it is very important for a team to have an identity through plays.
America’s play (Screen the Screener) is one of the most popular and widely used basketball plays for all ages. First, player 1 has the ball at the top of the key while player 2-5 set up in a box set. Players 2 and 3 are on each side of the block and players 4 and 5 are on each side of the elbow. Player 1 dribbles the ball to the right wing. While in progress, player 2 sets a cross screen for player 3 to post up on the right block. Player 1 then has the option to pass to player 3. After player 2 sets the screen, player 4 and 5 sets a screen for player 2 to end up at the top of the key. Player 2 now has the option to shoot the ball.
The reason this play is so successful is because of the constant action between the all the players on offense. The term “screen the screener” is tough to defend because of the help action on each player. The defense must decide to either switch or help on each screen resulting in mismatches and late recovery.
For the second and third option to this play please stay tuned.
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