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Elite Hoops Basketball Playset: STACK

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The game of basketball is played with rhythm, passion, and high energy. A team must put together a steady systematic flow to be successful on the court. Plays connect the players, coaches, and trainers effectively to execute a game plan. There are numerous plays and styles of play in basketball, but it is very important for a team to have an identity through plays.

The play “Stack” is a basic offensive set that can be used for all age groups of basketball. It is called stack because four players stack under the rim to start the play. First, the point guard (1) is at the top of the key while the other for players (2,3,4,5) are outside of the lane line on each block. Player 2 and 5 will be on the right block and player 3 and 4 will be on the left block. Players 4 and 5 will turn and set a screen for players 2 and 3, so each can pop out to the wing position. Next, player 1 will decide which side of the court to pass the ball.  For example player 2 has the ball now. At this time, player 5 will post up on the block. Simultaneously on the opposite side, player 1 will set a screen for player 3, to replace player 1’s position at the top of the key. Also, player 4 will flash to the high post position to give another scoring option.

If player 5 or 4 is not open, player 2 will reverse the ball to the other side of the court relaying the ball to player 3 then to player 1. At this time, player 4 will post on the opposite block while player 5 replaces player 4 at the high post.

This play is meant to run continuously searching for the best option. Keep in mind, the high post (4,5) can also be used as a reverse option. Stay tuned for various counter options to make this play for successful.

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