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Expectations of Youth Basketball Coaches

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On Saturday November 3, Elite Hoops will be hosting a Youth Basketball Coaches Clinic in Atlanta, that we call the Coaches Clipboard. This specific clinic is for 3rd-8th grade youth coaches who are looking to find the most effective way to teach and train their players. We'll spend 3 hours on Saturday morning discussing expectations we have for coaches and players, the most important skill development drills for your team, as well as offensive sets and defensive strategies that will make your players better. We will also briefly talk about what we think is hurting the game of youth basketball.

One of the main topics we will discuss at the clinic are the Expectations of Youth Coaches.  Elite Hoops has 5 Coaches Expectations that will help make your players better and help make you a more successful coach:

1. Teach Skill Development
2. Communicate Effectively with Your Staff, Team and Parents
3. Organize Workouts and Practices
4. Motivate Your Players and Bring High Energy
5. Prepare Players for their High School Coach

Right now you're probably wanting some more specifics on these Expectations, but you'll have to attend our clinic on November 3 to get that.  I will toss one more thing your way though.  What do you think is the #1 thing hurting youth basketball? No, not AAU or travel ball. It's coaches and parents worried about winning every game at every level.  As Coach John Wooden stated, "Success is a Direct Result in Self Satisfaction in Knowing You Did Your Very Best." When coaches AND parents want to win on the 3rd grade level, they focus more on the score than about their players getting better.  That means teaching a set play as opposed to teaching read and react. When coaches AND parents are stressed about winning their 5th grade weekend AAU tournament, they focus more on the score than about their players getting better That means running a frantic full court defense to speed up the game than on teaching sound man to man defense.

Starting this spring, we will be releasing one skill development video and one set play for FREE each week on our website.  We will also be offering ELITE memberships on our site for players and coaches that are interested in receiving ELITE versions and counters of those weekly drills and plays.

For more information on the clinic or to register click HERE.

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Elite Hoops
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