Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 1 of NIKE Basketball Camp at Brown County High School

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Day 1 of the First Annual NIKE Boys Basketball Camp at Brown County High School saw campers working hard to improve on individual skills in their morning stations. Stations included skills from perimeter moves to team defense. Two fundamental skill coaches emphasized more than others were rebounding and proper layup form.

Specifically, for rebounding players were taught that "when the ball goes up, hands go up." To make sure that players are always ready for a missed shot as it comes off the rim or the back board, players were taught to have their hands up as soon as they see a shooter release a shot. With their hands high they are almost ready for any type of missed shot.

The one drill highlighting this emphasis on fundamental layup form was the "Mikan Drill." The Mikan Drill is a simple layup drill that focuses on technique and proper layup form. Players were to make sure to have their "right hand, right knee in the air" on a right-handed layup and to make sure to have their "left hand, left knee in the air" on a left-handed layup. Beginning players were encouraged to work on form over speed, while more advanced players were pushed to develop quicker foot work in between layups.

Players worked hard to use these skills in their 5 on 5 and 3 on 3 games. We will continue to work on these techniques and other drills that will help to develop a well-rounded fundamental player. We are consistantly focused on improving players skills by 1% daily at camp!

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