Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 2- Nashville,TN Girls Camp at CPA

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We had a great day in Nashville as 95 girls worked really hard to make themselves 1% better. The thought for the day was-"If you are not making a mistake, you are not getting better." The girls really worked hard in their station work, games, and living by numbers sessions to do just that- push to the point that I get better because I am out of my comfort zone. We had 3 more records broken as 4th Grader Chloe Moore broke the Figure 8 Dribble (15) and Front Back Bounce record with 70. Nayia Holmes broke another record with 29 on the Figure 8- both of these records are phenomenal and only surpassed by how special these 2 girls are. We are excited about Day 3 and whats ahead during our league games and cut throat times to see the girls level of improvement.

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