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Day 1 of NIKE Basketball Camp at Kedron Fieldhouse

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"Do not mistake activity for achievement." One of the many quotes we share with campers here at Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball camps, this quote emphasizes to them that just because they are shooting at the basket, or dribbling down the court does not necessarily mean that they are achieving anything, but instead, simply acting upon a drill. In order to achieve, to get one percent better each day here at camp players "must not mistake" the act of doing a drill with achieving the drill. You must work at it every day and not only at camp, but at home as well. Day 1 of the NIKE Boys Basketball Camp at Kedron Fieldhouse welcomed eager campers to concentrate on the improvement of their individual skills, this improvement is mainly focused on during the morning stations. Stations include a diverse set of skills ranging from proper lay up forms in the shooting station to basic blockout drills in the rebounding station. Stationary drills and the proper defensive stance were two fundamental skills that coaches focused primarily on today.

During the ballhandling station players were taught a variety of different stationary drills, some known as the ball slap, corkscrew, and crossover. These are primarily to get the players comfortable with the ball, so that during a game they feel more in control. Players are encouraged to perform each of these drills as fast as they possibly can to prepare for our Living By Numbers competitions done throughout the week.

The drill that expands on the proper defensive stance is known as the "Big Step Drill." The Big Step Drill is a simple directional drill that focuses on how to effectively defend an opponent. Players were to make sure to have their feet shoulder width apart with their knees bent, and their back straight. One hand should be hitting up on the ball, while their other hand "wiping" the passing lane. Their feet should be staggered to the side as they force the player in the direction they want, and while sliding, they should never touch, this is known as the "Big Step, slide."

Players applied the skills that they learned in their stations to their 5 on 5 and 3 on 3 games. Throughout the week coaches will expand on each drill day by day while player's skills expand as well. Our main focus here is to help players improve by one percent each day.

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