Monday, July 11, 2011

Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at BT: Day One.

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The line started to form outside the doors of Blessed Trinity High School at 8:00 in the morning as eager campers awaited registration. Nike/Elite Hoops Boys Basketball Camp at Blessed Trinity kicked off to a great start this morning as players were introduced to our quote of the day, “Don’t mistake activity for achievement.” This quote reenforces the importance of working hard everyday, and trying to be the best player that you can possibly be. Just because you are running down the court doesn’t mean you are progressing. You must be focus and attentive to all the aspects of the game in order to achieve anything, you must work for it. Fran Fraschilla once said, “If you’re the best player at your playground, you need to find another playground.” We like to have players focus on moving forward and to continue onto the next step at our camps. We want to have the players feel like big fish in a small pond when they play in our gyms. Competition is important not only to your team, but to yourself individually as well.
At Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camps we do the Living By Numbers competition. Each day we have a different set of skills that the players get timed in. Our coaches record the times and we enter them into the Living By Numbers database. As the summers progress we have more, and more times of kids that work hard over the years and eventually form and break the records. Our Living By Numbers banner hangs on the gym wall so that players can focus on what the record to beat is. As the week progresses each player works hard to become one percent better each day and have their own personal competition against the clock. Today, as the Living By Numbers skill set came to a close Colton Gray and Chris Turk expressed how much they enjoyed the “competitiveness of trying to beat the record.” 

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