Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 2 of NIKE/Elite Hoops Coed Elite Basketball Camp at GAC

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On day 2 at the Nike/Elite Hoops Coed Elite Basketball Camp at GAC, coaches focused on emphasizing how important ballhandling skills are in young players. The more that ballhandling is practiced the more likely players are to get better at the various drills. During our Living By Numbers drills today, players were given five drills to work on in the off-season to not only get better, but to also get more comfortable and, therefore, allow their skills to broaden. Hand speed and hand quickness is a key focus when dealing with the ball. The five drills are known as Figure 8, Figure 8 with dribble, Flip Flop, Front Back Bounce, and Front Back Catch.
Every one of the players participated in the Living By Numbers ballhandling skills putting forth a great effort, and straining to beat the records hanging on the wall. Although nobody beat any records today, it was tremendous to see each player working their hardest under the pressure from teammates, and the clock. Each player was able to receive their own personal best record and that is exactly what coaches are looking for. The hard work and determination that players showed today is exactly what we are looking for in all Elite Hoops players, it is also what coaches in the future will be looking for. If the players can keep up with this hard work then they stand a good chance of making whatever team they try out for in the Fall.

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