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Day 3 of NIKE Basketball Camp at Kedron Fieldhouse

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Today at NIKE Basketball Camp at Kedron Fieldhouse, coaches introduced the quote, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." In school, if you don't do your homework, or study for a test, you will more than likely fail that class or that test. If you do not practice for a try out, you will most likely not make the team. There are so many factors to consider when preparing yourself for anything, so you need to do it right. Coaches emphasized the significance of this quote by focusing on what players need to do in order to prepare for a game. The preparation coaches practiced with today is pressure. Players don't normally practice under the conditions that are going to be prevalent during a game. They don't have the roar of the crowds, or the shrill of the coach in their ear. They really don't even have an opponent most of the time. In result, most players cannot perform as well in games as they can in practice. In order to help players avoid this, coaches introduced a few pressure drills during Living By Numbers and stations. 

The drill "Trailblazer One on One" is introduced during the Rebounding Station. This drill has one offensive player and one defensive player. They start on the baseline under the basket, one at the three point line and the other three feet in further. The offensive player sprint dribbles towards a cone, goes around it while on the three point line and then sprints towards the basket to shoot a layup. Meanwhile, the defensive player sprints around a cone next to the offensive player's cone. While a bit behind the offensive players the defender attempts to block the shot. The offensive player must either shoot or get fouled in order to get a point. This drill imitates a pressured shooting situation that most players will find themselves in during a game.
The two drills introduced in Living By Numbers are the "Cone Layups" and the "Cone Jumpers." Instead of up against a defender, though, as most players normally are, during these drills players are against the clock. This could pose as the last few seconds during a game when a shot needs to be made to win or tie a game. Two cones are placed about four yards away from the baseline in opposite diagonal directions. During cone jumpers players must sprint towards the cones, go around them, and then shoot from that cone. While during the cone layups, players must sprint towards the cones, go around them, and then sprint back towards the basket to make a layup. The player's objective is to make as many shots as possible in the 45 seconds that they have.
These drills are good ways for players to train properly in the off season. Though seemingly simple these drills are fundamental keys to a game and must be taken seriously in order to become a serious player.

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