Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nike Elite Hoops Basketball Girls Camp In Nashville,TN Day 1

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We are off to a great start to the week here in Nashville,TN on the campus of Christ Presbyterian Academy to the Nike Elite Hoops Basketball Girls Camp. Day 1 featured almost 100 girls wanting to be pushed and motivated to improve 1% more as a player before they came to camp yesterday morning. The thought for the day was taken from legendary coach Don Meyer and it simply was 4 words- "PICK UP THE TRASH." Basically, stating to leave the group, the team you play on, the class you are in, or whatever the situation is better than the way you found it- these girls did just that as they encouraged total strangers, loved each other well, and showed great enthusiasm for the game of basketball and others. We are excited to see what the week has in store as there are some really good players here- in fact, 2 record were broken and we will post footage and and pictures later when we capture it on video on Tuesday.

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