Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 3 of NIKE/Elite Hoops Coed Elite Basketball Camp at GAC

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On day 3 of the Nike/Elite Hoops Coed Elite Basketball Camp at GAC, coaches stressed the importance of practicing under pressure. When playing in games, players are hit with ten times the amount of pressure than they're hit with during practice. Between parents, coaches, friends, and fans the pressure to succeed during a game is almost unbearable. So it is easy for players to want to feel cool and collected in non-pressured situations such as practices. In practice, it is you, your coach and your teammates. Practically zero pressure. Consequently many players do not do as well in their games because of the lack of pressure put forth during practices. To help players in this category of the game, coaches introduced a couple of pressure layup and shooting drills today during Living By Numbers and morning stations.

The first drill, Trailblazer One on One, was introduced during our Rebounding/Fastbreak Station. This drill has two competing players-one on offense and one on defense-that start under the basket on the baseline. The offensive player, who is holding the basketball, dribbles towards and around a cone positioned at the three point line and then shoots a layup. At the same time, the defensive player sprints towards and around a separate cone placed between the three point line and halfcourt. The defenders goal is to block the offensive player's shot. The offensive player must either score or get fouled to get the point. The drill puts both players in a pressured shooting environment that players will more than likely find themselves in during the games.
The other drills were, again, introduced during our Living By Numbers, these drills are known as Cone Layups and Cone Jumpers. A lot like shooting under pressure, these drills have players up against the clock rather than up against other players. They have 45 seconds to make as many shots as possible and try to beat past records.
Pressured situations are a prime focus for many coaches and it is good for players to learn them here at camp in order to succeed in the future with other coaches.

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