Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 3 of NIKE/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at Homewood High School

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Another long day has come and gone. Day 3 at Homewood High School brought great improvement as the kids seeked to get better in each and every drill. The campers completed stations after check-in and then made their way to the Living By Numbers drill after lunch. Today's Living By Numbers excersises included Cone Layups, Cone Jumpers, and Xbox, each requiring great skill and quickness. As the campers pushed through our intense workouts, camp director, Lee Miller repeated the quote of the day: "you become your habits in pressure situations." While practicing on the court, one should always remember the correct technique in every drill they work on. Our basketball camps help players to break down the fundamentals to make sure every area of the players game is precise in regards to their technique, while applying pressure at the same time.
 There are 3 ways you can apply pressure: (1) with defense (2) with the clock (3) with reps. Although 2 out of the 3 is considered good training, 3 out of the 3 is best because it combines every scenario you will face during a game.A "2 out of 3" example would be if you are shooting jump shots during practice, don't just set a goal of 15 baskets. Instead, set a goal of 15 baskets with a time limit. The pressure of making all 15 shots with the pressure of the ticking clock will help you prepare yourself for game-like situtations. The picture located in the top right corner demonstrates another form of the "2 out of 3" pressure types. As the camper drives towards to basket to gain shooting reps, Coach Miller stands tall with hands high to apply defensive pressure. With this kind of pressure, the offensive player should have no trouble driving around the defender and straight to the basket during a game. But remember, as you train yourself for the game, it is important to create good habits. We believe that you play as well as you train, so it is important to create GOOD habits during practice, so when you hit the court for an actual game, those GOOD habits become natural under pressure, allowing you to defeat your competitor.

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