Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 4 of NIKE/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at Homewood High School

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Some people believe you can go in the gym, work on the same shots over and over, and come out a better shooter…WRONG. You become a better player when you challenge yourself to become better than you already are. You shouldn’t be content when your athletic ability hits a plateau. Sure it occurs naturally, but well-rounded athletes should expect a climbing slope throughout the years that they play. The way to continue on this slope of success is to train yourself harder and stronger each and every time you hit the court, the weights, or the track.

Day 4’s quote was “don’t train at the level you’re at, train at the level you want to be.” Every coach here at NIKE/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp sees a unique potential in every player that walks through our doors. But we also see what it takes for those players to reach that potential: the willingness to exert hours of blood, sweat, and tears- nothing less. Signs of improvement occur when players test their body’s ability to elevate its level of play, endurance, speed, and decision making on a higher level than they are on.

Our basic “block-out” drill gives our campers opportunities to defensive maneuver themselves around guys bigger than themselves. In this drill, 2 players are set up under the basket. A coach throws up a shot, hoping to miss in order to give the players a chance to rebound. The players then use their legs and body to place themselves closer to the basket, with their opponent behind them. When choosing a partner, the players should automatically choose someone bigger and better than them for an ultimate challenge. This will demand more from their body’s ability, essentially training them on a higher level. This quote can take on a business-like perspective. When applying for a job, a person “shouldn’t dress for the job he/she has, but instead, dress for the job he/she wants.” Understanding the underlying meaning to today’s quote will help players in all area of life, not just on the basketball court.

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