Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 2 of NIKE Basketball Camp at Kedron Fieldhouse

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On day 2 today at Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at Kedron Fieldhouse the quote of the day is "Hard work brings prosperty." It is encouraged by the coaches to work and play hard on and off the court in order to one day achieve their goals, and to keep growing in the process. You will not grow and become a better player without hard work, its impossible. Thats why coaches emphasize the importance of the fundamentals, they are like the base of basketball... You need to have something to grow and expand upon.
One vital fundamental is ballhandling. No matter what your position is on the court, you must be able to control, and maintain control of, a basketball. Coaches stress on the importance of developing good ballhandling skills throughout the whole week, but today specifically. This is because our  Living by Numbers drills of the day are all based around ballhandling. Players were given five different drills known as the Figure 8 without dribble, Figure 8 with dribble, flip flop, front back bounce, and front back catch.
Each and every player competing in these drills has the hope of beating the record hanging on the wall of the gym. There were no records beaten today, but tomorrow, next week and next summer still hold potential for these young players. As long as they keep working hard on these drills, they will eventually prosper. If these young players can keep up the hard work they will, one day, be the players that coaches are seeking.

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