Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 4 of NIKE/Elite Hoops Coed Elite Basketball Camp at GAC

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On day 4 of the Nike/Elite Hoops Coed Elite Basketball Camp at GAC players continued to work hard in their stations as well as their Living By Numbers. Coaches emphasized that they must keep on working hard on these drills in order to succeed outside of camp. All of the ballhandling, perimeter moves, defense, and shooting techniques at camp are designed to help our players work on form, as well as mock game-like conditions and situations. Our goal is to allow players to interpret and execute proper technique, while having to also focus on all of the other aspects of the game simultaneously. These aspects range from defenders, to speed, to time, and to the pressure that comes while playing in an actual game. We want to make the pressure in practices and trainings are as difficult as possible so that games can be a breeze.
If the players are truly devoting all of their effort to getting one percent better each day, like they promised to at the beginning of camp, then they will definitely see the improvement.
Campers have done a great job this week and the coaches cannot wait to see what will come next during "Championship Friday!" Everybody has high hopes of a positive outcome.

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