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Day 3 of NIKE Basketball Camp at Piney Grove Middle School

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On day 3 of the NIKE Basketball Camp at Piney Grove Middle School, coaches emphasized the importance of practicing with pressure! Players typically don't practice or train at the same speed and under the same pressure as they are expected to play games under. Consequently many players, do not do as well during games as they do when practicing. To help players with this aspect of their game, coaches introduced a couple of pressure layup and shooting drills.

The first two drills were introduced during our Living by Numbers. Cone layups and cone jumpers, follow the premise of shooting under pressure, but instead of having to worry about a trailing defender like players might have to in a game, players are up against the clock as they try to make as many layups or jumpers in the 45 seconds! Cone layups and cone jumpers are both great drills for improving shooting under pressure.

Tomorrow players will continue shooting under pressure with a drill called Trailblazer 1 on 1. Trailblazer 1 on 1, has 2 competing players, one on offense and one on defense, starting on the baseline underneath the basket. The offensive player, with the basketball, dribbles up and around a cone which is positioned around the three point line and heads to the basket to shoot a layup. Simultaneously, the defensive players sprints around a cone placed midway between half-court and the three point line. Trailing the offensive player, the defender is trying to get a blocked shot. The offensive player must score or get fouled! This drill creates a pressure shooting situation that most players find themselves in during games.

As players leave camp and begin to train on their own in the off-season, we want them to learn how to train properly. Working on the fundamentals is key and should make up the bulk of a workout, but a portion of any complete workout should involve some element where players work under pressure!

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