Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 4 of NIKE/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at Homewood Middle School

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Day 4 of NIKE/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at Homewood Middle School was yet again, another success. Camp director, Lee Miller, prepared the players for "Championship Friday" and spoke about what it takes to win each and every game. As noted in Webster's dictionary, winning is defined as to succeed by striving or effort, to gain a victory. Although the coaches at NIKE/Elite Hoops Basketball stress the importance of sportsmanship and taking pride in one's effort no matter the end result, winning is a large part of the game as well. At the end of every day, it is critical to reflect on your hard work and decide whether or not it was productive of just a waste of time. What's the point in spending endless amount of hours perfecting your shot, quickening your feet, or reviewing offensive plays if there is no productivity at the end? Day 4 emphasized "training to win."

Everybody wants to win on gameday- every player, every coach, every parent. But to win on gameday, you have to want to win everyday. It is that Friday night before tomorrow's game when your friends ask you to watch a movie, that you then choose to stay home and get a few more shots in. It is on that Saturday night when you are exhausted from a weeks vacation that you then choose to jog a couple laps around the neighborhood. Our coaches believe what makes our players winners is their level of commitment and their desire to defeat their competitiors. True players train the days other players don't want to. Productivity is the result of intense training off and on the court, no matter how sore, how tired, or how hard you worked the day before. According to Robert Schuler, "tough times don't last, but tough people do." Have you been productive today?

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