Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at GAC Day Two

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After a great start to our NIKE/Elite Hoops Boys Basketball Camp at GAC yesterday the players arrived on day two eager and ready to play. Coaches emphasized our quote of the day which states that "failing to prepare is preparing to fail," letting players know that they need to keep on trying even when the week gets tough. If they keep on putting their full effort out on the court, and come prepared to do so everyday then they will continue to get better and better each day.

In the Shooting Station, lead by Coach Taylor Metzger players were taught form shooting and hand placement with the basketball. At our camps, we teach players that the easiest way to improve your shot is to follow these two simple steps: When you follow through make sure your elbow is above your eye and secondly, make sure your hand "is in the cookie jar." Many times Coaches tell players to rebound their own shot. At the Nike/Elite Hoops basketball camps we think that that is the wrong advice to give to players because by telling them to rebound their own shot you are telling the player that they are going to miss. We teach each player to shoot with proper form and to allow their teammates to rebound any miss. This Station progresses throughout the week and players will work on shooting off the catch, and shooting off the dribble.

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