Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at GAC Day Four

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John Wooden once stated that, "Success is a peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your very best." Knowing that you are successful is not in hearing what your parents tell you, seeing what the score board says or even listening to the players on your team. Success is you knowing that you did the best that you could possibly have done. That is when you are truly successful. If you win a game by twenty points you are not automatically successful, because maybe you could have won by thirty. However, if you get an eighty on a test you could still be successful because that is the best that you could possibly have done. You tried your hardest, and that is what counts. That is what we encourage here at Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camps, for every player to come out here and make a success out of themselves. 

In our Defensive Station that drive is put to the test everyday, however, particularly today. In the "Guard Your Yard" drill where players go one on one offense versus defense, they are put up against each other for a win. After three dribbles in a seven second time frame the offensive player must shoot. Throughout the week the box gets bigger and bigger starting on Wednesday at the free throw line for High School division and then the 3 point line for the NBA and College divisions. This station specifically focuses on self achievement in knowing that you went all out against your opponent to make the shot. 

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