Monday, June 13, 2011

Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at BT: Day One.

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John Wooden once said, "Do not mistake activity for achievement." What he means by this is don't think just because you are going through the motions of school and work it means that you are getting better at them. You actually have to work hard at what your doing. Here at Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camps we want full effort. You can't just slide, you can't just shoot, you must try! In order to be successful you have to put everything that you have into a task and prove to yourself and those around you that you are working at it.

Players demonstrate this specifically in our Ballhandling Station. Players perform the Flip Flop, Front/Back Catch, Front/Back Bounce, Figure 8, and Figure 8 Dribble drills in the station in the morning. We emphasize to the kids that though they are going through the motions, they are not yet getting better. They are active, but not yet achieving. In order to encourage players to work hard and to show progress, we do the "Living By Numbers" competition. In this competition, coaches time their players as they perform each drill and try to break previous camp records. Players relish in the idea that they can compare their skill level with other campers through out every previous Elite Hoops Camp. By not only having a competition, but also allowing the players to track their individual progress, Elite Hoops encourages a better effort, and, in turn, brings out better players.

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