Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at BT: Day Three.

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"Hard work brings prosperity." Here at Nike/Elite Hoops we don't expect the best players, but instead, the best work. There has never been a student to study hard and not get better grades. There has never been a player to run harder and not get quicker. Most people think that prosperity is only money, and that is true, in the business world. In basketball, prosperity brings strength, edge and confidence. In school, it means smarts, and education. In order to prosper as a player you must work hard on and off the court. At Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camps we have speed and agility drills to make the players work their hardest and achieve prosperity. The XBox is a new drill this year which uses speed as its main focus. Cones are set up as a square and the players start at the back left block, they then sprint to the top right elbow and slide towards the front left elbow and then sprint to the back right elbow to finish. Each cone that they reach is a quarter point. Our record was set last week at Greater Atlanta Christian School by players Steffen Smith and Michael Cogan with a 4.75, almost reaching five full revolutions in thirty seconds.

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