Monday, June 20, 2011

Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at Riverwood: Day One.

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The ability to "know your role" is an important aspect of basketball. Monday is the day that coaches get a chance to feel out the players they will be working with for the next week. During stations in the mornings, players focus on the fundamentals of the game, focusing on their individual skills and really feeling themselves out. It is not until the five on five games mid-day that the coaches can critique their players and see what type of player they are. The differences between all of the players really shine by the end of the day, during the three on three games, putting the focus on a small group of players who are playing together allows the coaches to see their strengths and weaknesses.
There are many types of players: the shooter, the passer, the rebounder, and even the motivator. The shooter will be the player who goes in for the outside shot, the lay up or even a three pointer. The player who ultimately ends up with ball at the end of each play. The passer will be the play maker, keeping the ball in motion and away from the other team long enough for the shooter to obtain it. The rebounder is who will be hanging out under the hoop in case the shooter's ball doesn't make it through. The rebounder is important so that the team can have a quick chance at recovering their shot. Our motivator is one of the most important players. This player must embrace his role in himself, and in his team. This player won't be the best player on the team, and he may even keep the bench warm the entire season, but because of this player his team will give their full effort, the harder he cheers and the more he eggs them on the better chances they have of winning. Knowing your role is a huge factor in the game, and in individual practice. Once the player obtains a role, he can then work to bettering himself everyday.

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