Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Miller Grove High School: Day Two Comes to a Close

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As day two winds down we have made great strides here at Miller Grove. With all of the campers coming in this morning excited and ready to play the station drills started out at full force. The coaches main focus today was ball handling as they work towards better "Living By Numbers" standings with their campers. Our own Justin Thornton broke the High School record for the figure 8 drill today and his teammates cheered him on.
After our lunch period we had a few words with Coach Anderson, who has worked many different NIKE Elite Hoops Camps in the past. Coach Anderson says that "seeing them excited about each other's victories is my favorite part of working with the campers, and I got to see that today."
Moving further into the second half of day two the campers had a chance to free shoot, which is Coach Anderson's favorite part of the camp day, "You get to see them in an unstructured environment that grows more and more structured as the camp week continues. You really get to see the difference your making in these kid's games." When asked what he most looks forward to come the end of the week, the inevitable
"CHAMPIONSHIP FRIDAY!" was the answer. "You never know what its going to bring," he said enthusiastically.
As day two winds down the campers grow more and more confident of their own skills, as well as their teammates. Everybody is looking forward to what'll happen next here at Miller Grove!

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