Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at Riverwood: Day Three

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"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." At Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camps we strive to prepare young players for their future in basketball. We focus on the fundamentals, the basics of basketball and start young players off early and develop from there. A player can only get better if they prepare themselves to do so. When a student doesn't prepare for a test they will not get a good grade on the test, and might even fail it. They knew going into it that they were not prepared, but went through with it anyways. Just like when a player doesn't prepare for a try out he is only preparing himself to not make it. In order to emphasize our point more, we do the Living By Numbers Challenge every week with the campers. In this competition, coaches time their players as they perform each drill and try to break previous camp records. Players relish in the idea that they can compare their skill level with other campers through out every previous Elite Hoops Camp. By working on these drills all year the players can come back the following summer and try to beat their own records and other players. We give the players a chance to prepare for every upcoming year of camp so that when they do succeed, they have tracked it.

Today, one of our campers even beat the Cone Jumper drill's record with eight consecutive shots in under forty-five seconds. He is living proof that Living By Numbers prepares you for future you have with basketball. Way to go Whid!

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