Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 3 of the NIKE Camp at Miller Grove

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Kicking off to a great start this morning many of the coaches focused on the fundamentals of shooting. To further emphasize how important your shot is in a game,  the coaches had a battle known as the Coaches Shoot Out amongst each other. Two  teams, the Rookies and the Veterans. After taking multiple shots in various locations around the court the coaches competed to see who could make more shots... The young and the fast or the old and the experienced. After an epic war on the court the Rookies managed to pull through as our winners. Before the start of the competition the campers were told to predict who would win and run to which team they choose. The campers then got a chance to participate as the Veterans paid the consequences of their loss.
The nail-biting Living By Numbers competition only heated things up even more as the campers were introduced to three more drills. One camper, Ashton Mason, says of the drills, "They were brutal, but I love it!" Looks like somebody is focused on getting one percent better each day!

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