Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 4 of NIKE Basketball Camp at Marietta High School

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On day 4 of NIKE Basketball Camp at Marietta High School, coaches emphasized to players that they must continue to work on the drills and stations that were introduced during camp. The ballhandling, perimeter moves, defensive techniques, and shooting drills at camp are designed to help players work on form, as well as simulate game-like situations. Our goal is to force players to pay attention to proper technique, while having to think about a defender, speed, time, and the pressure that comes along with playing in an actual game. We want to make trainings as HARD as possible, so games are EASY!

If players truly devote themselves to getting better and work day in and day out on the drills that they were taught, they will see 1% improvement daily. 1% daily improvement from now until mid-October, when most tryouts and seasons start, will add up, and players will achieve the goals that they want to achieve!

Campers have done a great job this week and the coaches cannot wait to see what is in-store for "Championship Friday!" Good luck to all campers tomorrow!

Check out some camp photos and video at!

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