Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at BT: Day Two.

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"You have to work twice as hard in an empty gym as you do in a full gym." When players are in front of large crowds and they can hear the intensity of the feedback they are getting, they are on a whole other level. During a Blessed Trinity basketball game, there are over a thousand fans screaming encouragement when their team makes a good play giving the players confidence, or disappointment when their team loses giving the players determination. When the players are practicing whether it be in their driveway under a single hoop, or on the court with five teammates, they must fill themselves with the intensity that they will feel in a full gym. Making it twice as hard to give a full effort when it all depends on you.

In our Perimeter Play Station we worked on our drill known as "Kevin Durant 1x/2x Cross." In this drill,   the players go full speed at a chair and make a crossover move while changing direction and then go on to shoot a layup. In this station specifically, players have to really push themselves to make the shot, focusing on speed and agility to get past their "enemy." Earlier in the week, we performed the "Rip Through and Attack" drill where the coaches throw the players a ball and the players must pivot with their baseline foot and rip through the defender, we teach this drill using the slogan "from their waist to their knees and the defender will feel the breeze." Players must put all of their effort into this drill because they are up against actual defenders who are focusing on pursuing them. When both players let themselves feel the intensity of a full gym in the empty gym, they will then succeed in getting one percent better every day.

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