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Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camp at Riverwood: Day Four.

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"Be quick but don't hurry," one of our more emphasized quotes here at Nike/Elite Hoops Basketball Camps applies to a variety of different plays in basketball. We want players to be quick with their moves, but not quick enough that they are going to make a mistake. One of our motto's when explaining this to players is to "read and react" meaning read the situation in front of you and then react to it. A lot of the time, especially in younger players, they like to just receive the ball and go with it, reacting too quickly. However, when they read the situation they can paint a mental picture of what their next move should be rather than just reacting and potentially losing the ball. 

In the later part of every day the players all participate on our three on three "Cut throat" games. In these games, each divisions have different rules. In the high school division, the defense must close out while the offense yells "score" and gets into triple threat on each catch. In the college division, offense must make at least three passes before scoring and the defense must yell "shot" at any attempt. In the NBA division, offense must set screens as well as do everything else that college and high school have to. Other rules applied in these games include the offense's limitation on two to three dribbles per catch, defense yelling "ball, help or deny" continuously, back door scores being worth two points and each player using a jab, pump or ball fake before making a move. 
The reason that this game is so beneficial to the players then others may be is because it is such a strict half court game, this being important in that the players have less space and, therefore, less time to make a decision, our "read and react" motto really tying into the dynamics. Having the players make decisions under such strict pressure will prepare them better for regular games in the future. 

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